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“Help Create a Crystal Grid for Peace & Freedom in Ukraine”

At the Star Portal - 208 Gum Springs Road Mountain Pine

Saturday, March 26 * 10 am – 2pm


Crystals are not only beautiful to look at but also helpful allies. Each mineral carries a unique frequency of light energy and is part of the total energetic field of our planet. Crystals communicate to us silently through vibrational resonance – the minerals within our physical bodies are drawn into resonance with the vibration of the crystal.

In the morning we will learn:

How to use conscious resonance with your crystals
How to use crystals for healing and personal transformation

How to choose, clear, and program crystals

In the afternoon we will:

Explore the inherent sacred geometry of crystals
And use what we’ve learned to create a Crystal Grid empowering our intent for Peace & Freedom in Ukraine

Bring a few of your favorite stones and a snack for our mid-day break!

This class is offered by Nia Durward, Certified Crystal Resonance Therapist, who lives and practices in Hot Springs Village, AR.

COST: $35 (or what you are able) – all proceeds will be donated for humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Nia is available for Crystal Resonance Therapy Sessions

Call Nia at 417-252-4538 with questions or to schedule a session


Nia's Presentations at EarthKeeper's Conference in Arkansas     "Tuning the Human Crystal" and "Heart Grounding"                                                                                    WATCH THE VIDEOS HERE

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