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Sophia has been drawn to participate in a sacred journey to Egypt after encountering the Hathors in a psychic reading. Once she's there, the Hathors begin to communicate with her and initiate her in their healing meditation. She asks them, "Can you tell me more about your relationship to the Goddess Hator?” ”We are the Goddess Hathor. We chose to embody on earth in conjunction with the divine feminine in Her form. Hat = house, physical body, physical humanoid with extra terrestrial characteristics. Hor = sky god, Horus, stars. The myth was played out of an Egyptian goddess/princess mating with an elevated being from Sirius. The Divine Mother births her beautiful spiritual e.t./ human child. But also the rebirth process each initiate must go through,” was the cryptic reply.

                    Love Notes from the Redwoods


I’d been feeling them, the tall spirit-filled Coastal Redwoods, calling me for months. It was hard being in the hectic dense energy of Los Angeles. I couldn’t wait for our two-week house-sit up on the Mendocino Coast to recover, release, re-whole myself.


Finally, we are here! It truly is a forest bath. I breathe their presence and am instantly calm and present myself. To enter a Redwood forest is to enter an outdoor living temple.  The light is filtered and tranquil. The forest floor is soft and spongy and open with no underbrush.  My gaze is often drawn upward along straight tall trunks. As I walk, I am shifted into their sacred dimension. I feel these beautiful tree beings healing me --clearing me of all my emotional, mental, and energetic debris.


When I place my hands on one of the beckoning redwoods, her loving energy goes all through me. She is very communicative and I receive images of ancient times and dinosaurs and of her connection to her tree family around her and the whole forest.


I thought it might be nice to share a new practice that my wonderful redwood allies gifted me with as we spent time with them in a beautiful old growth grove yesterday.


I am standing in the crisp clean silence in an open space surrounded by giant ancient redwoods. I resonate with their presence and feel clear and connected, at one with them and myself. I think how easy it is to feel myself as a human crystal.

The trees seem to concur. They encourage me to be like them – steady clear channels of pure light energy linking Earth and Sky. In this way I can be the crystal of light that I am.


So that is Part 1 of the practice. You might want to try connecting with “treeness” yourself to help you establish your human crystal and the quality of being a clear channel of Light.  Feel your roots in the Earth and your crown reaching to the Heavens and breathe the light and earth energy into your heart. It helps to stand outside with the trees!


But the Redwoods also give me a further suggestion.  They want me to use my human crystal and my “treeness” like a pendulum to help me know my truth.  As I stand there, rooted into the earth and open to the light above, I begin to feel myself gently swaying, like a tree in the breeze. It seems the first thing to do is to discover how my human crystal will show me yes and no. For me when I focused on “Yes”, I felt myself as more steady and straighter, more erect. I felt very alive with all my energy centers aligned and my heart open and shining.  When I focused on “No”, I began to sway again then a sense of tilting backwards off balance and like I might fall.  When I tried experimenting with some questions related to current issues for me, this process seemed to give me more clarity as well as bringing in some more nuanced hints about my emotional state around the issues. What will your experience be as you try Part 2 of this Redwood-gifted practice? It is certain to be unique to your human crystal.




What is Sacred Geometry?

“In nature, we find patterns, designs and structures from the most minuscule particles, to expressions of life discernible by human eyes, to the greater cosmos.” (Bruce Rawles at  These geometrical archetypes illustrate the metaphysical principle of the inseparable relationship of the part to the whole and act as “a blueprint for the mind to the sacred foundation of all things created.”


You might feel this when you look at the geometric patterns of flowers or when you enter the sacred space of an ancient temple.

And what about the perfect six-sided geometry of a natural quartz crystal? Actually all of material creation is made up of atomic particles arranged in a definite crystalline structure. One of the things I really love about working with minerals is that their crystalline structures are very stable, making the flow of electromagnetic energy through them very regular and easier to perceive. It’s almost as if they were especially designed to teach us about working with energy and sacred geometry!


There are seven unique crystal systems: see photo above.


What is a Crystal Grid?

Using the inherent geometry of crystals as the guiding principle, one can choose and layout a pattern of stones to support and amplify a particular intent. One can learn so much from consciously resonating with a crystal and it can be a powerful ally in helping you create or maintain a desired energy.  Just imagine the power of working in resonance with a cohesive geometric grid of crystals!


My favorite type of crystal grid is what my teacher Naisha Ahsian calls a Primary Grid. It is made up of six similar-sized clear quartz points, which are placed in a large (often room-sized) hexagonal pattern and then activated and programmed to create a coherent field of beneficial energy. They can be used alone to help create and maintain a safe and sacred space for healing or spiritual work or can be enhanced and made more specific by creating a secondary grid within.


I always set up a primary grid when I create a healing space, whether it is a healing room in my home or a temporary healing space in a motel at a conference. When I program the grid and every time I am in the space, I become the central linking point of this giant crystal. It feels so whole, like the final puzzle piece clicking in. I feel the welcoming presence and support of my crystal allies in the grid. When I sit and meditate in my grid, I can feel my internal structure being cleared and energetically renewed. Often I experience a sense of being healed and inspired.


I also use a primary quartz grid as an organizing and amplifying perimeter when creating an altar for sacred ceremony indoors or outside. Even if the altar is a spontaneous co-creation by many participants, my primary grid will give it cohesiveness and greatly amplify our desired intent, sending our joint energy strongly out to touch each of us and the greater planetary consciousness.


Special Offer

As presented on Greatest You Summit, I am offering you an individual Consultation to Create Your Own Personal Crystal Grid at a discounted rate of only $97. To take advantage of this offer go to the following link:

or contact Nia directly


I can help you create your own personal crystal grid for your meditation or healing space. I will help you clarify the specific intent for your grid and choose, clear, and activate the crystals. I will guide you in constructing and programming the grid honoring the elemental energies and the principals of sacred geometry.

A beautiful guided meditation designed just for you to use with your crystal grid will be included as part of your personal consultation.





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 A fun mystical adventure shared by Nia and her partner Bruce


What happens when a crystal healer and a shaman encounter a giant cell phone tower that's mucking up the energy grid they've been assigned to maintain? Of course, they ask for help from the local devas and crystal beings, Archangel Michael, and Quan Yin, and come up with a brilliant solution! That's the Story! The Back Story includes much valuable sharing of their knowledge about crystals, nature devas, and communicating with the more than human world.


available at Amazon


Excerpts from Quan Yin, Ark of the Covenant & the Holy Cell Towers


July 27, 2015


We’re excited to be on our way to Roche-A-Cri. Bruce is full of anticipation to meet up with Mogodishra again and be in the special energy of Roche-A-Cri. I’m happy that I’ll finally get to experience this sacred natural site that I’ve heard so much about. We’re driving south on U.S. 51 away from our home in Ashland, Wisconsin on Lake Superior. It’s a beautiful summer day and we stop to have a picnic at a roadside park.


“We’ll stop at Rib Mountain on the southern edge of Wausau on our way down. Not only is it one of the periphery sites on the Roche-A-Cri energy grid, but it has some amazing huge quartz rocks you’ll love!” Bruce tells me.


“Great!” As a crystal healer, I’m always happy to spend time with my crystal allies.


However, starting about 40 miles from Rib Mountain, my sense of pleasant anticipation changed dramatically. Physically I felt yucky—headache and queasy stomach. Emotionally I wanted to get away and felt a strong sense of “I don’t belong here.”

Finally, we got to Rib Mountain, drove up the hill into the State Park, and got out of the car. All around us were boulders and slabs of rock, which had broken off from the quartzite from which the mountain was formed. They were so beautiful, glistening in the sun! But I felt even worse—quite nauseous and pounding head. It occurred to me that maybe it wasn’t just me but that there was something wrong energetically. Was all this quartz resonating with and amplifying some disturbed energy from the city below? (learn more about resonance, communicating and working with crystal allies, and quartz specifically in our chapter “Crystals of Light”.) We drove up a little higher to the top, and parked where we could better explore the rocks. As soon as I got out of the car, my question was answered. There it was—a giant cell tower, perched atop this beautiful sacred quartzite mountain!


Apparently the cell tower hadn’t been here the last time Bruce visited Rib Mountain, but now what? I felt called to head down the hillside, and soon we found the biggest, most securely grounded rock in the immediate area. Sitting on that rock and connecting with it energetically, I was guided to tone loudly. Vocal toning with intent to restore the natural energy is one of the easiest and most effective means of clearing crystals and stones. Bruce joined in and we were able to restore the natural energy to a great extent though not completely.  I experimented some with trying to create an etheric shield or deflecting the energy of the cell tower. But the rocks communicated that I wouldn’t be able to and shouldn’t because it would mess up the service of the cell tower. As I would find out later, my allies were talking about more than just messing up cell phone service in the surrounding area!


Cell Tower Magic


The next morning, while eating breakfast and planning our day, I got an intuitive flash about those pesky cell towers. What if they could be used to help the energy of the planet instead of being a detriment? I imagined each cell tower connected ethereally to the 5th Dimension and the Central Sun as well as grounded to the heart of the Earth and programmed to beam out unconditional love and healing energy for the planet and all her created beings! It’s just energy, I thought, and should be able to be programmed for highest good rather than being so disruptive. When I shared my vision, Bruce agreed and checked in with Archangel Michael who gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up.


                   Hathor Hall of Healing                                                 Or You Want Me to Go to Egypt, Why?

Ten years ago I had never heard of the Hathors and knew very little of Egyptology. But since I first encountered them in a psychic reading in 2007, the Hathors have become very important to me. Without my Hathor connection I would never have gone to Egypt in 2012 where I had some very profound healing experiences and where I met my beloved partner Bruce Durward. Today I want to share with you an amazing experience I had during meditation this morning, in which my Hathor guides transported me back to their temple at Dendera, Egypt for another healing.


I had been meditating for a while when inside my head I heard “we want to take you somewhere.”  I agreed and felt myself swept off to Egypt, to the Temple of the Hathors at Dendera. It was just as I remembered from my visit there five years ago. There was the awesome, beautifully preserved temple within the grand Dendera complex set in the desert not far from the Nile River. As I walked up the steps, I saw the huge columns and looked up to the beloved Hathor faces atop each one. I happily entered and immediately felt the rush of loving, healing energy that just made me want to sit and gaze up at the Hathor which graced the top of each of the beautifully carved columns--rows and rows of them! I found myself connecting with my heart and focusing on the heart meditation they had taught me in my initiation with them ten years before.  What a gift!


But that wasn’t all. Next, I was told to stop trying and simply let go and receive. As I did so, I experienced myself being glided through the entire grand hall of Hathor pillars---weaving in, out, around and through them all! I was gliding faster and faster until I had a slight sense of vertigo. Then it was complete. I felt very good and clear--sure that I had received a profound, if mysterious, healing.


It was also communicated to me that, using guided visualization, I would bring others here to the Hathor Temple on their own virtual healing journeys. Thank you my dear Hathors.


Please note: I view the Hathors as an ascended civilization of interdimensional beings. They feel they are our elder brothers and sisters in consciousness and part of their continued evolution is to help humankind, which they have been doing for millennia. In ancient Egypt they worked through the cult of the sky goddess Hator. They are masters of sound and energy. My view of the Hathors is cultivated from my own experiences and from the information channeled by Tom Kenyon.

                               Crystals of Light BLOG


                              Programming Clear Quartz Crystals


As a crystal healer, quartz points are one of my most valuable tools and so much fun to acquire by going crystal digging in Hot Springs, Arkansas! So I thought I’d share some tips that anyone can try. First of course you will want to wash them (I just use water to rinse away any earth or mud). Then if you like you can use vocal toning or a gong to clear and activate them. Next a fun experiment is to try holding one to your third eye—with the point in to your forehead and pointed out as well. This will allow you to experience how they transmit energy with directionality. As has been described above quartz crystals conduct energy very well and it is easy to feel it for your self. The energy actually moves through in a directional spiral because this is how the molecules grow when the crystal is being formed from water with silicon in solution.


If you want to perceive what a particular crystal has to tell you/ share with you, hold it in your left hand with the point towards your arm and meditate with it.


Because of its ability to record and transmit energy, clear quartz is quite easy to program with a particular energy or intent. For instance, if I want to use a crystal to help heal a particular area of my body, I might program it with unconditional loving heart energy because being in this state maximizes the body’s natural ability to relax and heal itself. I then could place the crystal on that part of my body every day while I imagine the healing process taking place. Another example would be to program my crystal with a particular intent I want to manifest such as finding the perfect job or creating world peace. The crystal could then be kept on a special altar and used for daily meditation.


Programming your clear quartz crystal is a simple process. Hold the stone in your right hand with the terminated point out away from your body as you go into a meditative state in which you clearly and strongly hold the energetic with which you wish to program the stone. The stone will automatically be programmed with that energy. You can even do this while listening to a guided meditation if there is one that fits your intent.



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    Hello, wonderful Nia. You speak and things heal- thank you for this beautiful knowledge. I am today ready to program my Quartz crystal points to heal my discs, rehydrate and ask them to go back into their place between the vertebrae.
    Hathor travel
    Wind wings meditation
    Just gorgeous...❤️

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