Crack Open Your Geode - Let  Your Inner Jewels Shine

Did you know that a geode starts from an empty bubble or a space left by rotted out organic matter? A rock crust forms around the bubble or space just like we create a protective shell around our core childhood wound(s).  However, this hard crust is slightly permeable and water filled with dissolved minerals does trickle through to line the interior and grow beautiful crystals within the geode. In the same way the protective shell we have created so no one can touch or view our tender wound is permeated by trickles of love from friends and family and transcendental experiences which touch and open our souls.  Knowingly or unknowingly you have beautiful crystalline jewels growing hidden within your deepest secret places. 



Soul Mentoring

The soul mentoring process allows you to consciously crack open your precious geode, your sacred wound, with full support. Let your beautiful inner jewels shine as you share and heal your pain and clarify and empower your visionary calling.


Drawing on many years of training and experience in personal growth work, meditation, shamanic and spiritual practices, crystal healing, and breathwork/rebirthing,  Nia intuitively guides her mentees as they tend their core wound, connect with their deepest Self  and highest Truth, and learn to live their heart's desire. She embraces the personal journey of each soul with her full loving presence and helps it along with guided visualizations, creative assignments, and perceptive questions and reflections.


How to Enroll


If you are interested in working with Nia as your Soul Mentor, please contact her today for a free pesonal session to discuss the possibilities





Nia is a member of the Progressive Women's Spiritual Council at Hearthaven.

She lived and studied there for many years and continues to practice as a Spiritual Mother Minister, offering personal sessions and co-facilitating women's spiritual retreats.


I invite you to join me in our next


Circle Mother Webinar Series


Part I: Discovering the Divine Mother Within

starts September 2021

Part II: Embodying the Circle Mother

starts November 2021


The first phase will focus on your own personal growth and developing a core flame of spiritual practice. It is internal and spiritual--listening to, opening up to, healing and becoming one with the divine feminine presence inside yourself. Pre-requisite to the second more outward phase, "Discovering the Divine Mother Within" is also a very supportive stand-alone program for all women. In the second phase, you will continue to deepen your spiritual practices, build confidence in creating and holding the sacred space of a women's spiritual circle, and learn to facilitate women's yoga and meditation classes.

Please feel free to contact me







Women's Spirituality

The spiritual Mother archetype is re-emerging into the collective Consciousness of humanity. For thousands of years the divine Mother was accepted and integrated in the spiritual and social life of all people on this planet. Her spiritual consciousness and wisdom are re-emerging from within.


Nia has mentored many women seeking a deeper relationship with the Divine Mother and their unique soul's journey as a woman. She understands how important it is for a woman to be connected to her own body and emotions and her sense of herself as a creatrix and part of the web of life.


                Divine Mother Meditation


As a Spiritual Mother Minister, Nia is available to give personal meditation instruction and offers women's spiritual counseling.

Please contact her directly to make an appointment at


Phase One Program Details

"Discovering the Divine Mother Within"


This transformational course will include:

***3 individual mentoring sessions (including a personal meditation lesson) with your Spiritual Mother Minister

***3 live 90 minute webinars (which will also be available as recorded replays)

***homework assignments to help you process and dive deep

***a group retreat at Hearthaven in the beautiful Ozark Hills


- 1st Webinar "Divine Mother Meditation"

- 2nd Webinar "Yama/niyama-the Ethics of Love"

- 3rd Webinar "Women's Spirituality & Bio-psychology"

- Retreat at Hearthaven "We gather to share our Mother Selves and establish our new practices."

COSTS: whole package is availble at a very reasonable sliding scale of $600 to $1200

REGISTRATION: Please contact us asap to reserve your place

          or (417) 469-2658







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