Crystal Resonance Therapy


             Tuning the Human Crystal   


Our bodies are made up of the same chemical elements as the Earth. Just like crystals, our molecules are programmed to carry the energy of our thoughts and feelings. "Stuck" energy patterns can manifest as illness. Utilizing crystals and the power of resonance, Crystal Resonance Therapy (CRT) can create a positive vibration strong enough to clear old programming and return the human crystal to its natural state of harmony.

The ancient art of crystal healing together with the science of vibrational resonance create a unique healing modality.

Benefits include: 

  • grounding
  • physical well-being
  • balanced energy
  • clearing deep core issues
  • spiritual growth
  • peace


What can I expect from a CRT session?


CRT is gentle and non-invasive, including the "laying on" of crystals and meditative techniques. Nia, a certified CRT practioner, will use interview and energetic assessment to determine which crystals and stones to place on your body and in what arrangement. As the stones are positioned, she will energetically activate each one. Your physical body and energy field will be brought into resonance with the crystals for maximum effect. You will receive guidance to balance your energy centers and allow a free flow of energy.

When all the stones have been placed, you will be brought into resnonance with the full spectrum of Light energy, a relaxed pleasurable state, allowing for optimal physical and emotional healing, as well as spiritual expansion. You may also be guided in a meditation to find and clear "stuck" energy patterns. Nia will consult with you about which stones were used and how this relates to your physical and emotional health and spiritual growth.


To schedule a CRT session with Nia in Hot Springs, Arkansas or at an event contact Nia at or call 417-252-4538.

Book a Crystal Resonance Workshop in Your Area

Crystals are not only beautiful to look at but also helpful allies. Each mineral carries a unique frequency of light energy and is part of the total energetic field of our planet. Crystals can help people work with our own energy fields.

Nia teaches fun, informative, and experiential workshops.

Learn: how to use conscious resonance with your crystals, how to use crystals for personal healing/transformation, how to choose, clear, and program crystals,                     about the elemental forces-earth, fire, water, wind, storm, about the Primus State for maximum benefits of crystals.

            Nia trained extensively with Naisha Ahsian, who is the creator of CRT and well-know author of The Book of Stones.

To schedule a workshop in your area contact Nia at

              Other Services Available at Crystals of Light


Nia can help you create your own personal crystal array or geometric grid for your meditation or healing space.


A beautiful guided meditation just for you is included as part of your personal consultation (ask for a recording).


Crystal Ally Card readings provide insightful information on particular issues or for the year ahead.


Contact Nia at or call 417-252-4538


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